An email account is a free, personal email service brought to you by Microsoft. To be able to get a free Office 365 Outlook email, you are required to have a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection as well as a web browser program.

One of the main advantages of having an Outlook email login is that it can be accessed in all web browsers. Moreover, it can be used as a login for any account, whether it may be a social networking site or a shopping website. You can also use it for other Microsoft services.

But you might be asking, how do I log into my outlook email? Described below are the instructions, step-by-step, as well as screenshots, to assist you in getting your own Outlook mail.

• Open a web browser and go to the Outlook home page at

• Once it has loaded, you will see an Outlook sign in on picture number 1. Click on the “Sign up now” link.

outlook email

• Afterwards, you will see an Outlook 365 sign in screen, as seen in picture 2.

outlook mail

• There may be instances wherein you might find someone else’s Microsoft Outlook email login instead of the registration page. In this instance, sign out first and the reload the webpage. If you still cannot access the registration form, please delete the web browser’s cache, cookies, and/or passwords. You can also try registering using another web browser.

• On the form, fill in your First and Last name, your Country/Region, your ZIP code, your Birthday, your Gender, your Phone number, and your Alternate email address (if you have any).

• An important field to consider here is your Outlook username in order for you to log on to Outlook mail. The format of an Outlook email address is usually You can only come up with your username. The portion is the same for those who want to log into Outlook mail 365.

outloo email login

• Outlook has a lot of users around the world. For you to be able to use your username of choice, your username should be unique. Try and read about how to make a good username or even do it by experimentation. Outlook will check if the username is being used by someone else. Finding a unique username may take a while, particularly if you have a common name, but do not fret and keep on trying any kind of combinations!

• As soon as you have a unique Outlook username, good job!

outlook sign,in

• As with most email accounts, your Outlook email account, for security purposes, needs a password. You do not want people to be reading your private and confidential email, do you? Try to research on how to create strong passwords, which should actually be difficult to decipher. As you put in your password, the characters will be replaced by dots. Outlook needs passwords that are at least eight characters and contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. You have to retype the password again afterwards. email

• After you have created your password, put in the verification code (this will vary, of course) and click on the “Create account” button. You now have an Outlook email!